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Payments By Mail

Payments can be submitted in the form of a certified check, money order, agency check or personal check of the insured. A $28.00 fee will be charged for returned checks due to insufficient funds.


Make checks payable to the Wisconsin Insurance Plan.


Mail payments to:


Wisconsin Insurance Plan

600 West Virginia Street,  Suite 101

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204-1552


Pay by Checking/Savings Account

Pay by Debit/Credit Card

The Wisconsin Insurance Plan now offers the capability to make payments for quotes, renewals and installments payments on-line. To utilize the payment program, accurately enter all the required information, and follow the easy step by step instructions to ensure the payment is properly processed.

By using the Wisconsin Insurance Plan online payment system the insured is authorizing the Wisconsin Insurance Plan to directly debit their bank or credit card account for the requested payment amount. The Wisconsin Insurance Plan is not responsible for any processing errors caused by the providing of incorrect information. The insured will be charged a $28.00 service fee if the payment cannot be processed due to incorrect information or payment is returned due to insufficient funds.

Credit Card Payments, a $4.45 fee is charged in addition to the payment.

Debit Card Payments, a $1.95 fee is charged in addition to the payment.

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