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The following topics pertain to applying to the Wisconsin Insurance Plan.  You can scroll down the page to read each one or you can click and go directly to the topic.   

Use the Correct Application.

The Proper Submission.

Premium Payments.

Documentation of Rejection.

Requesting Coverage to Begin / Quotes.

New Policy Issuance and First Year Installment Plan

The Underwriting Process.

Condition Charges.

Customers Right of Hearing to Appeal the Plan's Decisions.



Wisconsin Insurance Plan applications must be used.  Applications can be printed from this website.  Applications change periodically, so please print a current application for each submission.  Do not photocopy a previously printed application.

Be sure the information on the application is current and correct.  We will not accept an application that has been completed more than 60 days prior to the requested effective date of coverage.

We have a different application for each of our four programs.  Be sure to check the eligibility requirements for each program and use the correct application.  If the wrong application is submitted, it will be rejected and coverage declined.

First Application?  On page two of our applications we ask for the WIP assigned Agency or Producer Number.  If this is your first application, just write "First Application" in this area.  We will send you some forms and assign a number to you.  This will not delay your submission.

To print or complete an application, click on Applications.  Or, you may contact us and we will mail or e-mail you an application.  




  • A current, properly completed (no missing or incomplete information), and readable Wisconsin Insurance Plan application signed by the producer.  A separate application must be completed for each Dwelling or Commercial Building.

  • Documentation showing the property has been rejected for coverage by a regular insurance company (not the Plan) within the past 6 months.  See section below for information on acceptable documentation.

  • The appropriate minimum deposit premium if coverage is requested to begin.  Deposits are found on the second page of the application.

    • The remittance must be payable to WISCONSIN INSURANCE PLAN.  See below for types of premium payments.

    • Issue one check or money order for each application.  Reason: If more than one application is submitted and one of them must be rejected or declined, we must reject all the applications to return the one payment check.

    • The deposit premium listed is only a minimum.  Any amount over the minimum may be submitted.  

    • We may reject an application and require the full annual premium be submitted if the customer has had past payment problems (repeated cancellation notices for non-payment or NSF checks).

    • We recommend submitting a deposit with the application even if the customer's premiums are escrowed by a lender.  There is no guarantee that a timely payment will be received from a lender or from the applicant.  If the lender pays the full premium, the deposit amount paid will be returned to the customer.

Don't delay coverage due to your error!  Provide all the information requested on the application and sign it. We usually decline to begin coverage if there is missing or incomplete information on the application, the application is not clearly readable, or if it is not signed.  The deposit is returned along with a letter explaining the reasons for declination. We do not retain the deposit.  We communicate by mail - not by telephone, e-mail, or fax.  The reasons for the declination must be corrected and the deposit must be returned before the Plan can consider starting coverage.  The coverage effective date is never backdated.





  • Customer's personal checks, producer checks, lender's checks, or bank issued checks payable to the Wisconsin Insurance Plan.

  • Money orders payable to the Wisconsin Insurance Plan.

Examples of Items Not Accepted:

  • Phone or electronic transfers from checking, savings, or similar type accounts. 

  • Checks or Money Orders not properly written or not written in the English language.

  • Checks or Money Orders drawn on an institution located outside of the USA or not issued in US currency.

  • Checks or Money Orders not written payable to the Wisconsin Insurance Plan.  Sole Exception: a check payable to your agency by the customer properly endorsed by your agency to the Wisconsin Insurance Plan.

  • Credit cards.

  • Debit cards.

  • Check cards.

  • Gift Cards.

  • Traveler's checks.

  • IOU's or promises to pay.

  • Customer's personal checks where the customer has issued NSF checks previously to the Plan.

  • Return premium checks or claim payment checks issued by the Plan.  Advise your customer to deposit these checks.  Do not return these checks to us.




The purpose of requesting documentation of rejection is to show that you have attempted to find insurance for this customer with the insurers you represent but have been unsuccessful. Only one rejection is needed.  This is a State of Wisconsin rule.


Proper types of documentation are:

  • A letter, memo, or e-mail from an insurance company underwriter rejecting the property.  This must be dated within 6 months of application to us.

  • A cancellation or non-renewal notice for the property dated within 6 months of application to us.

  • A copy of a page from a current insurer's agent manual indicating reasons the property is ineligible or unacceptable for coverage.  A non-binding reason is improper documentation. The reason must be indicated on the application or be circled on the manual page.  For example, the manual page may list minimum limit, loss history, or physical condition requirements that make the property unacceptable for coverage from that insurer.

  • Not acceptable:  Any cancellation, non-renewal, declination, etc. issued by the Plan, any type of rejection over 6 months old, or a letter or memo from a producer. 




The producer may request coverage to begin.  Producers have no authority to bind or start coverage.  YOU CANNOT ISSUE A BINDER OR ANY COVERAGE DOCUMENT.  To request coverage, make a proper submission (see section above).  

The Wisconsin Insurance Plan will consider beginning coverage effective at 12:01am the day after it receives a proper submission with deposit. Or, a later effective date may be requested - not an earlier date.  Requests for earlier dates will be ignored.  Coverage is never backdated.  Coverage never begins without the appropriate deposit.

The Wisconsin Insurance Plan will determine the provisions of the coverage provided including effective date and time, coverage forms and endorsements, restrictions, limits, deductible, and payment plan.  There is no guarantee that a policy will be issued as requested on the application.  Do not make coverage promises to the applicant.

The Plan may decline to start coverage.  See The Underwriting Process below.  Therefore, we suggest you apply at least 45 days before coverage is needed to allow time to underwrite.  Do not apply earlier than 60 days before coverage is needed.  

Coverage never starts earlier than the day after the Plan deems the property acceptable for coverage and the proper deposit is received in the Plan's office.  Both approval by the Plan and the deposit are needed. The coverage effective date is never backdated.  Coverage never starts without money.

We recommend submitting a deposit with the application even if the customer's premiums are escrowed by a lender.  There is no guarantee that a timely payment will be received from a lender.  If the lender pays the full premium, the deposit amount paid will be returned to the customer.

Please apply at least 3 days before a coverage document (Declarations Page) is needed for a loan closing or property purchase.

If we had previously declined to insure a property due to needed repairs and you are reapplying after the customer has made the requested repairs, you must indicate on the application that the repairs have been made.

Quotes:  You may request a premium quote by making a proper submission without a deposit premium.  You do not need a deposit for a quote. There are no guarantees the quote will be issued and payment received prior to the date coverage is needed to begin.  We recommend submitting a deposit with the application.  All quotes are subject to underwriting.  We may decline the request to quote.  We issue quotes/premium notices by mail.  We do not communicate by phone, e-mail or fax.

Premiums for the Homeowner program and for the Dwelling Property program can be found on this website (see Premiums).  You can provide a quote.  If you need assistance, please call us.  However, the final premium is determined by the Plan.  If you quote incorrectly, we will not honor your quote.

The deposit on a Plan issued quote/premium notice may be different than the deposit listed on the application.  When submitting an application, use the deposit amounts listed on the application as a minimum.  When responding to a Plan issued quote/premium notice, use the deposit amount listed on the quote/premium notice as a minimum.




If the Plan starts coverage, a policy will usually be mailed within three business days after receipt of the application.  Commercial Property polices will take longer than three days.  A complete policy will be mailed to the customer.  A declarations page will be mailed to the producer and all additional interests.  If requested, we will endeavor to fax a copy of the declarations page to you, the customer, or the lender.


The deposit paid and the outstanding balance of the annual premium is indicated on the reverse side of the declarations page if the customer or mortgagee wishes to pay the balance of the annual premium immediately.


All policies are put on our five-pay payment plan.  The five pays are the deposit plus four payments billed about 55 days apart (no service fee).  With the installment plan, the total premium is fully paid after about eight months coverage. The installment payment due and the outstanding balance of the annual premium are indicated on the premium notices and either may be paid.  The customer may remit more than the installment amount listed.


Premium notices are mailed to the customer, the producer, and all additional interests such as mortgagees.  We do not bill only the mortgagee or only the customer.  




The Wisconsin Insurance Plan has underwriting standards which are outlined in the Wisconsin Administrative Code Ins 4.10 (link requires Adobe Reader).  We are not required to insure all properties.  State of Wisconsin rules require us to provide written notification to applicants that are declined for coverage.  Therefore, we must receive a proper submission to make an underwriting decision.  Don't contact us for a 'should I submit this risk' opinion.  We will not provide it.

Initial underwriting - Upon receipt of the submission:

  • We may issue the policy as requested. 

  • We may issue the policy differently than requested.  The producer and customer are notified by mail.

  • We may decline to start coverage: 

    • if the submission or application is incomplete or information is missing.  See The Proper Submission above.

    • if the application is not clearly readable or is out-dated.  Use current applications.  Don't fax them repeatedly.

    • to request additional information.  

    • until the inspection of the property is completed.  

    • if we feel the property is unacceptable or not eligible for coverage.

    • for other reasons.

    If we decline to start coverage, the producer and customer are notified by mail of the reason and the deposit is returned.  We do not retain the deposit when coverage is not started. 

  • We may issue a quote, if no deposit is sent with the submission.

  • We may decline to quote for similar reasons as above.  The producer and customer are notified by mail.

Inspection:  We order a inspection of the property or we request a picture if the property is an isolated seasonal home.  An outside inspection is usually all that is needed.  In southeastern Wisconsin, we have an inspector on staff.  These inspections are usually completed in 2 to 3 weeks.  In other parts of the state, we use a vendor for inspections.  These inspections may take 3 to 4 weeks or more.  Apply early!

We may require an inside inspection.  All vacant or unoccupied properties undergoing rehabilitation require an inside inspection.  If an inside inspection is needed, we will make an appointment with the customer.  If the customer does not keep the appointment for the inspection or does not work with us to set up an appointment, we cancel the policy and require a new application.  We will not consider starting coverage upon receipt of this second application until the inspection is completed.  

Please advise your customer a inspection will be done on the property and to cooperate with the Plan.

Final Underwriting - Upon receipt of inspection and any information requested:

  • If the property is acceptable and a policy had been issued, we do nothing.

  • If the property is not acceptable and a policy had been issued, we cancel the policy.  Please read the Notice of Cancellation when you receive your copy.

    • The Notice of Cancellation lists the reasons the property is unacceptable and provides instructions to the customer on maintaining coverage.  Usually, we provide about 6 weeks coverage to allow the customer to make the needed repairs.  At times, the coverage period may be shorter.  We retain premium to the cancellation date and return the unused premium to the customer by a separate mailing.  The customer should deposit this check.  It should not be returned. 

      • To maintain uninterrupted coverage, the customer is instructed to both complete the needed repairs and notify us in writing before the cancellation date.  

      • Most times, the policy is immediately reinstated upon receipt of the notice from the customer.  Sometimes, we may need to reinspect before reinstatement.  

      • The customer should not send money (or the return premium check) when notifying us that the repairs have been completed.  We begin the billing process again about 7 - 10 days after reinstatement.  

      • Sometimes, we cannot reinstate the current policy.  In these cases, the cancellation notice states that a new application is required.  The customer should both make the needed repairs and reapply with deposit before the cancellation date.  The new application must state the repairs have been completed.  At times, we may not be able to consider coverage upon receipt of this new application until the property inspection is completed.

    • The Notice of Cancellation may suggest an alternative insurance program.  For example, we may suggest the Dwelling Property program when canceling a Homeowner policy.  If the customer is unable to make the needed repairs before the cancellation date, application can be made for the alternative program.  The application for the alternative program along with the deposit should be received in the Plan's office before the cancellation date of the terminated policy.

    • If the repairs are not completed before the cancellation date or we are not notified before the cancellation date, the policy cannot be reinstated.  A new submission is required and the new application must indicate the needed repairs have been made. 

  • We may endorse the policy.  For example, we may exclude coverage on an Other Structure and its contents, increase the deductible, or change the limit of insurance.  The producer and customer will be notified by mail.

  • If the property is acceptable and a policy had not been issued, we send a premium notice.  Coverage will begin the day after receipt of the proper premium in the Plan's office.  A later effective date may be requested.  Coverage is never backdated.

  • If the property is not acceptable and a policy had not been issued, we send a declination letter listing the reasons for declination.  The customer can reapply after completing the needed repairs.  The new application must indicate the needed repairs have been made.  We may suggest an alternative insurance program.  




Condition charges are additional premiums added to the basic policy premium due to conditions needing repair that are present at the property.  For example, the property may need paint or siding.  

During the initial policy period, we send a notice and the property inspection report to the customer advising of the conditions needing repair.  Many customers do not have condition charges and will not receive this notice.  The customer is advised the policy premium will increase on the next policy period if the conditions are not repaired.  Customers must complete the repairs and notify us in writing 90 days prior to their renewal date.  The dollar amount of the condition charge is specifically listed on the renewal Declarations page.

If the customer repairs the conditions after the policy renews, the customer will receive either a return premium or a reduction in future installment payments due.  The customer must notify us in writing after the repairs have been made.




If we decline to insure a property, reduce coverage on a policy, cancel or non-renew a policy, the customer has the right to file a petition for a hearing before the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI).  We will advise the customer of this right. The request must be made within 30 days of the date of our notice.  When writing to the OCI, the customer should indicate their names, mailing address, location of the property involved, date of their petition, our policy number, and their reasons for the request.




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